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We began our story with the founder of the company Walter Bibby. As well as being a keen engineer, Walter’s other favourite pastime was motor cycle racing, winning races at Donnington in the 1930’s, and we are fortunate enough to have some of the original photographs from this era.

During the war he was employed at Crichtons in Liverpool and even though the roof had been blown off during the night after one particularly bad bombing raid, the work continued with the men working under tarpaulin covers!

Walter’s first steps into the engineering business began in a shed in the garden of his father’s house in Burton, Cheshire.

From here he designed and manufactured prototype machines for washing golf balls for the successful Dunlop Group and extensive bespoke machines for the BICC cable group.

In the late 1950’s, Walter Bibby moved to the Mill Yard in Leighton Road, Neston from where W. Bibby Ltd. once operated. The “Mill” which still stands on the site has been renovated and is now a private home. Many of Neston’s elderly residents still tell of tales regarding the mysterious ‘hooded monk’ that wanders around the area in the small hours.

Our Managing Director Roy Hoiles took over the family business from his Uncle Walter in 1971 and continues to steer the business today.

Bibby has a large workforce of loyal staff, many of whom served their apprenticeships with the company and indeed Bibby is one of the very few employers that actively encourage young men and women into the business to ‘serve their time’ in order that the skills of generations will not be lost.

Bibby Precision Engineering moved to the existing premises at Bromborough in 2012 in order to accommodate a greater workspace for our many machines and the workforce. Please feel free to call or email us if you need directions.

You are always welcome to visit us at Bromborough and meet the team and view the workshop from our new mezzanine level, which has a dedicated meeting room, R & D workshop and Design/Cad office.