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Bibby Precision Engineering is pleased to offer a unique package to its customers: A complete service together with the promise of 100% guarantee on the production and quality to 9001 standard.

We are able to make this commitment as a result of the high standard of workmanship in our factory. Many of our engineers have been employed by us since leaving school and serving their apprenticeships at our factory.

Their dedication and meticulous work have contributed greatly to our success. We are a business that has grown into a strong and thriving company with a well respected workforce. We have stood the test of time because we pay specific attention to detail. We will deliver what you need.

We have never lost focus on what Bibby set out to achieve over 75 years ago. We are aware of our strengths and constantly strive to improve on those, whilst adding to our core abilities and experience with the introduction of new technology and on-going training.

We have gained a reputation over the years for providing a unique service to industry in the manufacture of prototype machinery. This complete service as well as mechanical build, electrical and
pneumatics facility offers complete 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

One of our most exciting advances was made during a visit to a large pharmaceutical company involved in the production of flu vaccine in Liverpool. Wanting to increase its output and after intensive consultation, plans were drawn up enabling us to produce a machine that tripled their output.

Following the success of this venture, a similar type of machine was made for another company, Aviron, in the United States. Industries that we have produced quality work for include; pharmaceutical, food and drink, paper, cable, car, steel, energy, electrical, hotels, printing, water, pump, glass, ceramic to name but a few.